Monday, September 9, 2013

Thrifting Treasures

Thrifting with my friend D. One of my favorite things to do.

We spent the whole day Saturday chasing vintage goodies all over creation. The day did not start out promising. 

We went to a {very} big tag sale advertised in a neighboring town, held on the grounds of the local convent. We hoped that parishioners had donated lots of good stuff so the church could raise a large amount of money. And they had.

Just not the stuff we wanted.

I found a bag of thread on wooden spools. A wooden badminton racquet. One robin's egg blue diner mug. Total spent = $1.75.

Not bad. But nothing that gets your heart rate pumping.
We explored the area around the convent since so many houses were holding tag sales near the church.

I found some vintage Christmas decorations - a couple knee hugging elves and a couple felted deer to add to my deer collection. A super large canning jar.

I found a wooden cheese box that had a small white label on it that read, "Set of bank bags, all for $2.00."  Five red and green colored vintage bank coin bags.


I've been eyeing vintage coin bags on etsy and they are selling for anywhere from $5-$15, plus shipping, per bag.

Five bags for two dollars? Thank you. I'll take it. 


What am I going to do with old bank bags, you may be asking. I am going to use them at Christmas instead of wrapping gifts. I do not want to use any wrapping paper this year, if I can help it. Instead, I am planning on using drawstring bags and placing the gifts inside.

So far I have seven bags. 

Looks like it's going to be a slim Christmas at our house this year.
We wandered through {many} more tag sales, picking up this and that as we went.

Old cameras to add to my collection, small glass bottles which will make wonderful flower vases, an old ice cream scoop.

And one of my favorite purchases of the day.

Paper dolls. I found a book of "Wedding Dolls" from 1953.

I. love. paper. dolls. 

When I was young, Nan would take my sister and I shopping on Saturdays with her and my Aunt N. She always made sure we stopped at the five and dime and let us pick something out to bring home. Many times I would choose a book of paper dolls. I spent hours cutting those dolls out oh-so-carefully and then playing with them. 

Nan was a smart woman. That kept me quiet for quite a while.


But my absolute favorite purchase of the day? 

The afghan pictured above. I'm calling her Miss Rose Blanket. Very shabby chic looking. Hand knit. Semi-felted wool, probably from being washed instead of dry cleaned. She is gorgeous and big. I would guess between a twin and double size. The hours of worksmanship that must have gone into this afghan is staggering. As a knitter, I am overwhelmed by a project like this. 

Of course, there was no price tag on it. I brought it to the register, a little apprehensive about the cost. The cashier looked it over quickly and said, "The woman who brought that in said that she had it cleaned before she dropped it off. How's $2.00?"

$2.00 was just fine. 

And pretty little Miss Rose Blanket now has a new home.

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