Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh, Biscoff! How We Love You So!

This. Is. Dangerous. Stuff.


One of my dear knitting friends, T, made a Biscoff Pie for snack one evening. I think it was the best dessert I've ever eaten. If you have never had a Biscoff cookie, stop reading, go to the grocery store, and buy a package. Sit down and try to control yourself.

They are that good.

They are also called the airline cookie because an airline-that-won't-be-named hands them out for a snack.

The pie recipe calls for Biscoff spread. Looks like peanut butter, tastes like Biscoff cookies. That's a win-win as far as I'm concerned. I bought a jar, intending to make the pie that upcoming weekend. But I ran into a bit of problem once I got home. I opened the jar, needing to sample the spread first to see how close it tasted to the cookies.

Very close. In fact, so close I thought I was eating the cookies. K walked into the kitchen and I handed her a spoon. 

Problem number two. She and I are both armed with spoons, holding the jar between us. Er, playing tug o' war with the jar. I don't know how long the jar lasted, but I don't think it was more than three or four hours.

Gulp. That's not good. 

Fast forward a few days and I discover that they also make a chunky version of the Biscoff spread. The chunky version has crumbles of cookies in it. So I bought a jar of the chunky to try and a jar of the smooth for the pie recipe.

Three days later, both jars were gone. Still no pie.

This could become a serious problem.

I bought a fourth jar when we went to the beach. Both J and K brought friends and we wanted them to try the spread. We didn't even pretend that we were buying it for a pie.

Pie, shmie. Hand me a spoon.


We are now on our fifth jar in about three weeks and we still haven't made the pie. But I have a plan. I'm not going to buy the sixth jar until the moment I decide I have time to make the pie. I'll bring it home immediately, hand it to the Man with stern instruction to keep it hidden until I call for it. He will bring it to me, waiting while I measure it out, and then confiscate it right after. 

It's going to be a tough job but I think he's up for it. He hasn't tasted the spread yet.

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