Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of Winter Ramblings

Downstairs. Next to the washing machine.

Hanging by a clothespin is one lonely little sock. And this note.

The Man makes me laugh. And his wit. I like his wit.

Man, do I love him.
The birds are coming out. Surely that has to be a good sign. Even with all the snow that keeps appearing, flurrying here and flurrying there and accumulating to inches here and inches there. 

I walked outside last week, during a brief warm spell, and just stood on the back porch and listened. Listened to whistling, and chirping, and tweeting. Very noisy bunch, these birds are.  

But I don't care. Sing away. Wake me up early. But you have to bring spring with you.
Playing around in Photoshop. Saw this stark winter scene coming home this afternoon. Sun was just going down, and the light was sweet on the roof of the barn and a few of the trees around it. 

I used the "palette knife" effect. I like it.

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love Photoshop?


  1. The palette knife effect is really nice!!

    As for the birds, my friend said she say *huge* amounts of robins the other day - I haven't seen one yet.

  2. that effect is beautiful! you should put it on a canvas and hang it somewhere!

    there is a similar scene that i pass by on the way to work everyday that i would love to capture, but haven't yet stopped. one of these days...

  3. OMG...that last picture should be blown up HUGE and hung on a prominent wall somewhere. Oh yes.
    And I love the note from D. SO stinkin' cute.

  4. That picture belongs in an art gallery, just beautiful!

  5. i love it so. i think i'm going to take everyone's suggestion and canvas it to hang.