Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Meet T. 

T is one of the funniest friends I have. She makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. She's quick and witty, clever and charming. Really, she's got it all.

She's a fellow Knitwit. We knit together every week. Sometimes we miss a week, or two, and then we see each other and we're back to laughing.

She has teens about the same age as my kids, which means we have a lot in common. We trade war stories about screaming matches, and sleepless nights, and nights spent waiting up for someone to come home. We  laugh about how much we hate we do it quickly to get it over with, kind of like ripping a bandage off. And about how little time we have to do the things we like to do, instead of the things we have to do. We laugh about things people say to us, and things they do to us, and things remembered.

But always, there's the knitting that binds us together. 


One thing T and I don't have in common.....our knitting routine. 

I knit and knit and stuff starts coming out the bottom of the needle, either a scarf or a sweater or a pair of mittens. Whatever it is that I'm knitting. I'm not the only one that knits this way. Other people in the group do it like this too. Except for PKB. Sometimes she knits like T.

T knits and knits....and....nothing comes out the bottom. 

Because she un-knits.

She's been working on this afghan since before Christmas. Can you see how much she's done? 

Neither can I.

That's because every row she knits, she un-knits the next time she picks it up.  She held up her knitting tonight and said, "Isn't it supposed to get thicker and not thinner?" That led to the quizzical look you see on her face above. And to much laughter around the table.

How do you un-knit?


But she does it. She's created a new craft...unknitting.  

I knew she'd be famous someday.


I have full permission to use T as my blog post tonight. She was very happy to make a guest appearance.


  1. Cheryl- LOL, I asked P. if she would let me pay her to do my knitting behind your backs so I could show off and stay in the group! Oh, you are priceless.
    I guess from the look of these photos my knitting might improve if I OPENED my eyes!
    xoxo T

  2. @T - I'm impressed that you get stitches on the needles with those eyes closed. You're better than I thought ;-)