Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surrender, Dorothy!

I surrender. No more snow, please. Or ice. 

Especially heavy, thick, not-so-nice ice.
We spent just about the whole day shoveling, and digging, and smashing down big piles of snow.

We can't see out the end of our driveway so K and I stood at the tippy top of the rather large piles of snow at the end of the drive and started digging.

And digging.

And digging.

A snowplow truck went by and we were looking down at him. Hey there, short stuff. Why don't use your plow and clear the end of my driveway? And stop putting it back there after I shovel it out of there.
K and I had to take lots of breaks. The boys learned first hand that girls just don't have the upper body strength that they do.

I was just about crying at one point. I jammed my hand against the edge of the sharp blade thing I was using and it HURT.

I switched hands and then switched back and forgot about the injury. Oops. Hit it again. Tears spring to eyes.


I want spring.
I had to shoot some photos, of course. And I'm doing anything I can to find some color.

Even pirating my jar of hearts from the kitchen windowsill to set out on the back porch.
Because all we see right now is white.

So I consoled myself by going over to M's so we could work on our altered books. Cowboy cookies, a glass of wine and some laughs.

That's what this day needed.


  1. mmmmm...those cookies look yummy.
    i love your lovely (haha)jar of hearts <3

  2. I love the last picture, perfect portrayal of a winter wonderland!!