Friday, February 18, 2011

Game Night

Killed by Coyotes.

UFOs Over Phoenix.

Jewelry Fashion & Style.

These are the choices I'm looking at right now for television. I do not want to flip through the channels one more time, hoping that something will turn up this time around. Because they don't. And every time I circuit through the channel line up, my standards get lower and lower and the next thing I know I'm watching "Animal Hoarders" and getting up to find a snack so I can settle in and not miss anything.

Unbelievable how low that bar can go. Can you limbo?

I rarely get control of the remote in our house. The Man takes charge most nights. Until he gets tired of flipping through the channels and then he tosses it to me and says, "Here, you find something." Like changing the channel flipper will result in better shows appearing in the line up.

So I go through the line up and then toss the remote back to him, like a hot potato. 

And yes, we do Netflix. But we seem to have some conflict about whose movies should be first in the queue. So we end up with one of us getting to see all four episodes of "The History of America's National Parks" while the other one fumes and mutters, waiting for "Bride Wars" to turn up. 

It's a constant tug-of-war between us, scrabbling to get our movies at the top of the queue before the other one realizes it.

The games we play. It's been a long winter.


  1. Flipping through the channels is SO tedious!! Love the picture of the red barn.

  2. I hear ya. Life has been better since the age of DVR, but even that gets low frequently. My fallback when nothing is on is HGTV. House Hunters, My First Place, etc.
    Usually these days we do have a few shows "saved" up in our DVR cache :)
    And AMAZING RACE starts tonight!! Best show on TV, besides HOUSE. Oh yeah.

  3. I like HGTV, too! But I have to admit, I get tired of those shows after awhile. My fallback is "The Office" on DVD - seasons 'em!

  4. I love the Office..may have to borrow those DVD's sometime ;)