Friday, August 17, 2012

Drips and Bytes

I think my storage wars are over. For now.

I went and bought a big, big, big 2TB hard drive. Take that, wimpy little 80GB hard drives. I'll never run out of space again.

Or so the salesman told me.

But I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I bet I'll be back in about five years, looking for even bigger drives. 

And I'm guessing they will be the size of a flash drive by then.
After that chore was done, the Man and I stopped for ice cream at a family farm on the way home. They have hard ice cream, which is the Man's favorite. 

I like soft serve vanilla. Plain Jane, that's me.

But tonight I got a hard flavor - Chocolate Cherry Amaretto. Lip-smackin' deliciousness.

I noticed a sign that said, "Caution! Ice cream melts fast in the heat!"

Hmm. They must have put that sign up for a reason.


Other Sissy was reminiscing this weekend with Nan and telling her that Aunt N was the one who taught us how to eat an ice cream cone.

"Lick from the bottom, girls!" And she would take our cones and lick all around the bottom a few times and then lick up from bottom to top all the way around the cone. By the time she gave the cone back, it would be half gone.

We wouldn't lick fast enough and it would start melting and dripping again and, sure enough, she'd say, "Lick from the bottom. Like this." And she'd take our cones and start the demonstration all over again.

There goes that cone.

Flash forward twenty years or so and we all do the same thing to our own kids.

It all works out in the end.


So tonight, the Man and I are walking around the animals and I'm licking all around the bottom, and then up from bottom to top. No drips on me.

I see the Man fling his hand a couple times. 

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"It's melting fast," he says, flinging his hand again to get the drips off. A-ha! That's what the sign said it would do.

"Lick from the bottom," I tell him.

He doesn't listen to me and continues to bite on it from the top. It's melting all over the place. But I've already tried to help him once. I keep licking my cone, around the bottom and then up, up, up.

I'm watching a baby cow and I hear thunk! behind me. 

You guessed it. Ice cream on the ground. Empty cone. Sad Man.

I offer him my cone but he won't take it. So I keep licking and licking and finally it's gone.

Thanks, Aunt N. No drips. And no ice cream on the ground for me.


The farm was a great place to spend a summer evening.

We watched a thunderstorm approach as we ate our ice cream. Or rather, as I ate my ice cream. The thunder gently rumbled while the lightning was fantastic, with huge jagged tears splitting the sky in half.

The animals sauntered over to visit us while we were walking around, noses through the fence, hoping for a treat or two.

There were lots of little ones around with their families, reminding me of when my own were that little.

When we got home we watched Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

A lovely summer evening.


I cry every time I watch this scene. Kate Hepburn makes me cry, Spencer Tracy makes me cry, the whole thing makes me cry. He died about two weeks after filming this movie so this speech is doubly romantic. And doubly sad. 

Grab some tissues.
Theme song from the movie.

And because I love this song I'm sharing it with you.

Jimmy Durante is an ace in this video. Grab more tissues.

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