Thursday, August 16, 2012

Storage Wars

The annual whale bone shot.

I've been taking this shot since the kids were very little. I make them stop every year so I can get it. Someday I'm going to line them all up one after another and watch the age progression from wee little ones to grown up big ones.

But not tonight.

Tonight I'm a bit agitated about my computer. Er, rather my external hard drives.


I was uploading all the photos from this past weekend, which was spent at the beach with lots of family, and got a blasted error message that there was NO MORE ROOM ON THE DISK.


How can there not be any more room on the disk? I have a bajillion gigabytes of space. The man at the computer store told me so.

I told him I was trying to save my very. important. photos. from being destroyed when my pc crashed.  I wanted a drive and I wanted a big one. I take lots of photos.

I knew it was going to crash someday. A friend warned me it was coming.  Thank you so much, Mr. Oh-So-Smart Computer Friend. My pc crashed a few years ago and I didn't lose any photos.

So the man at the computer store pointed me to a drive that held 80GB. I told him I'd take two.

Remember, 80GB was big back when I bought them.


It took me ten years to fill one of the drives. It's taken me two years to fill the second drive.

My big bad external hard drive had not met my bigger, badder camera with much larger storage cards and much larger file sizes. File sizes that probably equate to billboard sized photos. 

So now I have to re-evaluate my photo storage needs. And make some hard decisions about how many photos I really have to keep. 



  1. Great photo. :) And can you store your photos with an online service? Even flickr, which is free up to a certain number of photos, and can be kept private? Good luck!

  2. @ Val - I thought about storing online but I'm a wee bit hesitant to put my photos out "there" into who knows where they end up being. And I need LOTS of space so I'd end up spending money anyway. I either need to stop taking so many photos or stop saving every blasted one of them.