Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Showers

Bridal shower today.

A dear friend's daughter is getting married in October. My friend T knew she wouldn't be able to take photos herself so she asked me to do it for her.

Gee, I don't know, T. Me? Take photos?

Uh, YES! Of course I will! It's only my favorite thing to do.
T's youngest daughter on the left. Some sort of cousin umpteen times removed on the right.

Both of them prepping and primping and fussing, getting ready for the big party.

That little one is too cute for words.
Here comes the bride.

And the groom. Can't forget him. He didn't stay long. 

Too many hens in the room.
Beautiful bride-to-be.
T was radiant all day long. She comes from a very, very BIG family.

A big Italian family. They know how to throw a party.

T was all about the food when she was looking for a place. And this food was g-o-o-d, as in lick-the-plate good.
Pretty candy bar.

Lots of excitement when it was our turn to go get our goody bags and fill them with candy. 

I happened to be sitting at the same table as the little one and her momma. When T told us it was our turn to go get in the candy line, which was longer than the food line and I'm not sure what that says about our priorities, the little one started singing some sort of "Candy, Candy, I love Candy" song. That little one had her bag chock a block full.

And her momma was a good momma and let her.

What memories she's going to have of this day.
T and her girls.

Love them.
Showers of another kind today.

Good thing T had the shower indoors. She tossed around the idea of an outdoor backyard tent shower but was afraid of rain.

For good reason. 

It poured today.
Saw lots of love today.

Sweet romantic about-to-be-married love.

Momma love. Sissy love.

Daddy-watching-his-little-bird-leave-the-nest love.

Auntie love. Friend love.


Any day that has that much love in it has to be a good day, non?

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