Saturday, August 18, 2012


Fun, fun, fun in the sun. And a little rain.

M and I started out early and hit bunches and bunches of tag sales. We found vintage linens, antique Christmas ornaments, a chenille bedspread, badminton racquets, and some Marushka prints. I don't think we paid over a dollar for most items, maybe even less than that. 

It always amazes me at the prices people are willing to sell their stuff for. I guess after owning something for a period of time, it doesn't really matter what it sells for. When you want it to go, you'll take anything.

It's a good thing we're there to help them clean up.
P (J's girly-friend) and I took her brother, P-Boy, into the big city for a photoshoot. I've been eyeing the riverfront for a while, hoping it would yield some great locations.

It did.

We happened upon an Asian festival of some sorts and had some fun walking around, smiling at people, pausing and shooting every few minutes. One woman was very interested in what we were doing and stopped to watch us for awhile. 

I've never had an audience before. I may be getting famous.

Watch out, Honey Boo Boo, you've got competition.
Love the fish.

Even the sidewalk grates were pretty.

Doesn't he look like a GQ model?

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