Monday, August 27, 2012

Time to Sell the Corn

Today was the day the Man and the girls have been waiting for all summer long.

Time to sell the indian corn they've been growing. Er, that the Man has been growing.

We'll help you more next year, Uncle Man.

He just smiled.

And helped them set up their sales table.


They made signs and headbands. Our neighbor was kind enough to donate some feathers to the cause. They arranged the corn oh-so-prettily in the wooden wagon Uncle Man found for them in the barn. And then they helped him drag it all out front and set it up on the side of the road.
With a little help from their cousin K. 

The artistic director arranging the corn stalks.  Also for sale, in case you were wondering.
Watching for potential customers.

Waiting behind the table got old. Fast.

It was much more fun to jump up and down in front of the table and wave to the people going by. They got lots of horns honked at them, along with friendly waves. Several people stopped by to get some lemonade.

Sorry. No lemonade. This time. 

They decided to sell it next time, since market research proved this would be a popular item on a hot, sunny day.
Final tally?

Seven of the eleven bundles of corn were sold for a grand total of $35.

Much more than the $2 they made selling lemonade, they told us. The Man tried to tell them they had to pay for the seeds and rental of the land the corn grew on but they were having none of that.

No, no, no, Uncle Man. We don't have to do that. We'll just sell the corn. 

He laughed. 

And agreed to do it again next year.

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