Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Mathematical Certainty

I love his happy feet.

Dancing feet.


Just got in from seeing Les Miserables. Again.

For the third time, in case anyone is counting.

M wanted to see it and she wasn't sure the Hammer would want to see it with her. I knew K wanted to see it. Well, er, I knew I wanted K to see it. And a dear friend from high school, L,  posted on this blog a few days ago that she would love to see it again.

So I put the three together and got this formula:

(M + K + L)  ∙  3x(Les Mis) = Happy!

With x being me, in case you couldn't solve the formula.


Stick around this blog and you'll learn stuff. I'm tellin' ya.

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  1. Very emotional experience, thanks for sharing it with me. p.s., K is way better at formulas than you, but I love yours!!!