Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snippets from New Year's Eve

Pieces of sparkle glittering my back porch.

Each year after the holidays I scour the clearance bins for Christmas picks that are silver or white and full of glitter. Then I add them to ones I already have and fill a big vase with them for my back porch.

A little bit of sparkle for a dreary winter day.
My niece, MR, and her friend, M. Other Sissy and her family were here for New Year's eve and the younger set all went to see "The Hobbit". Other Sissy had much more important things to do.

Like buy cookies from the Italian bakery. And hit the clearance bins at Target.

Caught her during a smiley moment. 

Phew. You should see the other twenty shots I took.


We went over to Sissy's to ring in the New Year. It was lots of fun. We made an {adult} fruit punch that Uncle T and Nan used to make a long, long time ago when I was much younger.

Just the smell of it brought us all back about thirty years. And the taste? Dad assures us it taste just like Uncle T's punch used to. 

Very tasty.

When I get the recipe from Sissy, I'll share it.
Trying to get the annual grandkids shot for Dad.

They were not very cooperative, looking every which way.

But oh-so-true to life. They all love spending time together and enjoy each other's company, young and old.

We are a blessed family.

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