Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The Man and I had to bring our iMac back to Apple tonight.

We just got it back. Some sort of problem with the hard drive, causing a recall and replacement, forced us there last week. While it was there, the technician found a problem with the LCD panel.


Of course they didn't have the part we needed. So they had to order the part and it came in and back we went to Apple-land.


While we were there, waiting and waiting and waiting, we noticed that door you see above. Lots and lots of Apple employees go in and out that door at a rate of about a thousand per second.

You never see the same face twice.

Our Apple employee went behind the door and never came back. Another one showed up in his place and took over for him. About fifteen minutes after we lost the first one.

We discovered something, having been there three times in the past week. As a consumer, your goal is to keep your Apple employee on the floor, with you or near you. Do not let them go behind the white door.

Something strange happens back there, like some sort of time warp. And the Apple employee gets shot out a couple days later or something.

But...and here's the tricky part....their goal is to find a reason to go behind the white door. And they try to get back there as soon as they can.

It's a game. A very sneaky game to make you wait in the Apple store and drool over all their shiny new iPads and iPhones.

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