Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Downton Abbey thoughts

My favorite Hummel.

The little sweeper girl.

I think I'll call her Cinderella.


I'm sitting here watching the most recent episode of Downton Abbey. Again. I've already seen it once.

I can't stop crying. 

One of the saddest television episodes I've ever seen. 

So many things to make me weep. The dowager countess walking across the room, leaning heavily on her cane. Cora sitting vigil with Sybil's body. Tom begging for help as Sybil was seizing.

So many things to make me mad. Mary telling Edith they probably won't be friends, while standing next to the bed where their deceased sister is laid out. Sir Phillip's arrogance. Lord Grantham's bullying ways. Mary berating Matthew for usurping her father's role.

I seem to take extra issue with Mary. I find her to be a very self-absorbed character and not much to like there. She is much too focused on the estate and not focused enough on the people. And she doesn't treat Matthew very nice at all.

I have to keep reminding myself these are NOT REAL PEOPLE.

Does anyone else get so invested in this show?

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