Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trip Down Memory Lane

Our home is on a diet.  It's lost about a couple hundred pounds so far.

I am quite the trainer.


Some things I just can't part with. Not yet.

Like the hobby horses above. 

They are very tiny. And obviously home made. I remember making them with J and K one winter day when they were very young. We had been out shopping and seen some hobby horses in a shop and they wanted me to get them each their own horse. But, like lots of other young couples with very young children, we had a limited income and I could not buy them. 

But I knew we could make them.

So the very next weekend, the Man took an old broomstick, cut it in half and sanded the edges for us. The kids and I drew out our pattern, cut out the pieces from leftover felt I had from some past halloween costumes and started sewing. By hand.

They worked so hard on those horses. When they were done, they each picked out a couple buttons from my button jar and sewed on the eyes. I helped them with the tassels, made from an old pair of curtains, and made sure everything was glued down nice and tight.

We stuffed the heads, put the broomstick in, and away they went!


I am not sure what they will do with their horses. Maybe give them to their own children one day. But for now, they are a memory for me.

And I am definitely not throwing those out.
Look what the Man found in a box of tins his father had collected over the years.

An Educator tin. 

My father and uncle were talking about these crackers this past summer. I can't wait to show them the tin. 


I remember those candies in the green tins very well. My great-aunts used to buy them during the holidays and we would get to pick one out when we would go for a visit. My favorite were the peanut butter filled candies. 

It was such a treat to have a special candy at the holidays. 

A simple thing, really.

But oh so special. I wish I could thank those great aunts for making such great memories for me.

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  1. My grandma bought those candies or every similar ones. And I love the hobby horses. What great memories.