Sunday, February 24, 2013

Academy Awards Thoughts

Another thrift store find.

It is now part of my Valentine decor for two reasons.

It's pink.

It's Paris.


Some thoughts on the Academy Awards. Which I normally don't get to watch since the Man hates these kinds of shows. I have to admit, they are not my favorite. But I wanted to see some of the musical performances after M texted me to ask if I saw the Les Miserables cast perform.

Rats. I missed them. 

Hmm. Off to YouTube to see if it's there. 

Yup. Nestle in to my chair and hit play. Thanks, M.

First thought: I wonder how much money was spent on clothing for this one night. And how many people that money could feed.

Second thought: It seems so bizarre to me to award people in such a public fashion for doing their job. If anyone should get a prime time awards show, it should be firemen, or police officers, or teachers, or librarians. But not movie stars. Their egos are probably fairly healthy as they are.

Third thought: Watching some of the movie clips makes me feel naive. I don't get all their clever little jokes, or the super hip cultural references.

Fourth thought: Do they give awards for all the lesser known people behind the scenes, like "Best Supporting Set Cleaner Upper" or "Best Food Caterer on the Set" or "Best Porta-Potty Supplier"?

Final thought: Barbra Streisand can still sing. Good for her.

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