Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crafty Cousins

Cousins and crafts. Two things that go together in our family.

One of my cousins is visiting for the weekend. I love, love, love getting together with his family. My cousin is one of those really. nice. guys. And his lovely wife, T, is an absolute joy to be around. She's funny and helpful and generous and patient and kind. And funny. Did I say that already? 

Their four year old daughter is a ticket. She's got a deep, throaty Etta James voice and loves to laugh. When she's not Irish step dancing. Honest to Pete, to have half her energy would be wonderful.

Sissy and her family are part of the mix so we always have a big crowd of people, laughing and talking and teasing one another. Lots of beer and wine. And food. Good, good food.

The only thing missing was Other Sissy and her family. She had plans for this weekend and couldn't join us. We missed her and her family.
So every now and again, we plan a craft weekend for the ladies, while the men and their little girls go off and have fun doing other things, like bowling and playing arcade games.

Sissy, T, and I each pick a craft and bring enough supplies for everyone. This year K joined us. After she finished making us home made mac and cheese for lunch.

Just call her CinderKate.

Sissy brought the heart bag craft above. I have posted the Pinterest link below if you'd like to try this for yourself. Very easy. And gratifying.

There is something about dabbing a pencil eraser in paint and than dotting the canvas bag that is a wee bit cathartic. Try it.

I love how all the bags turned out.

Great project.

Fun. And full of love.
The guys were taunting us about drinking wine and hot gluing our fingers together. 

We did the first and not the last. But I will tell you right now, it was close. That glue is hot. You have to move fast to keep those fingers from sticking together.
T brought lots of felt and buttons and pin backs and we made some beautiful felted flower pins.

We discovered that you can cut the felt multiple ways to get different looks. There are so many different kinds of felt flowers to make. Try typing "felt flower" into the search field on Pinterest and you will find oodles and oodles of them.

I want to make a whole bouquet of them.

Good day.


  1. Where'd you get those nice canvas bags with grommets and rope handles? The finished products are lovely.

  2. Sissy got those bags for us, Lisa. I'm sure at one of the local craft shops.