Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Likes and Unlikes

In which I post about random things.


Things I like:

* Best friends who bring me fresh eggs. At work. Because we both live in the same small town and she lives almost next door to the library. 

* Coworkers that make me laugh. L and I were talking about ordering lunch out today and I said I was going to get the gorgonzola salad. She thought that sounded good so she ordered one too. As I was leaving to pick up our food, I said something about gorgonzola cheese and how much I liked it. She looked at me and said, "Cheese? I thought we were getting salads with chickpeas on them." I must have given her an odd look because she said, "What do you call chickpeas?" "Chickpeas," I answered. Which made us both laugh. Then I thought of the other name. Garbanzo beans. That made us both laugh again.

* Spending time with friends and family. Especially when I know we'll be laughing a lot. I like to laugh. A lot.

* My dog curled up by my feet. Oh yes, I like this one very much.

* My soft, warm fuzzy blanket. Need I say more?

* Watching my children step up to the plate. The Man had a slight accident at work yesterday and had to spend some time in the emergency room. J went with him and stayed by his side the entire time. He also took him to the doc's office today for a follow up. He remembered all the things the doc had told the Man about after care and medication and made sure to tell me. He is a great son. Truly.

* Watching The Walking Dead with K. It is not my favorite show but I do love doing something together with her. And laughing at zombies. Always a good time.

* The Man.


Things I don't like:

* Saying mean things. Sometimes my tongue gets the best of me.

* Forgetting something at the grocery store.

* Cooking. Except when I want to.

* Gas prices. 

* Not having enough time in my day to shoot some photos. I really, really don't like this one. And that's been happening a lot to me lately. Pooh.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband! Hope he's better.