Monday, February 18, 2013

Reeling, Downton Abbey revisited

I am still reeling from the last episode of Downton Abbey, season three.

Even though I knew it was coming.


After the first episode of season three aired, I was looking for a spoof of Downton Abbey to post on this blog. You know, because people take this show very seriously. I wanted to lighten us all up a bit.

I went to YouTube to see what was out there. I found something that SNL did with Jimmy Fallon and started to watch it. As I was watching, I noticed a video on a side screen titled, "Sybil's Death Scene" or something like that.

Ah, another spoof. Great.

So I finished watching the SNL skit and then clicked over to "Sybil's Death Scene" and settled in for a quick chuckle.

It was surprisingly very well done. The acting was so sincere I wasn't really laughing much. And how did they get the real actors to do a spoof?

Click. The light bulb went on.

This was no spoof. This was an actual future episode. Someone posted a spoiler and I did not catch it immediately.





As I'm reeling from this video, I see a second video titled "Matthew's Death Scene" on the same side screen.

Of course, this time I realize it is NOT a spoof and since I already know what is going to happen ("Matthew's Death Scene" is pretty clearly spelled out), I might as well watch it and prepare myself for the future.


Knowing these two things should have ruined the season for me. And in a way, it did. But in a much better way, it prepared me for the horrid things that were going to happen. Things that were going to blindside so.many.viewers.

I kept my distance from Matthew and Sybil this season. I knew not to get too attached. And even though I did all these things to prepare myself, I still cried over all the emotion surrounding these losses.

So while Anna and silly Rose are reeling around the dance floor, I am reeling from all those lost this season.

Reeling. Not so happy a word after all.

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