Saturday, February 9, 2013

Digging Out and Digging In

Digging out.

The snow covered everything. The wind blew it all around, leaving glimpses of things, just enough to know what was beneath this mound or that mound.

So gusty was the wind this morning, it bit right into you and took your breath. I did not stay outside for long, I got so cold. J and K saved the day. They tackled the driveway, snow-blowing and shoveling while the wind huffed and puffed and blew all around them. The Man had a sore back from a nasty spill he took on the ice last weekend so I would not let him clean up the snow.

J and K stepped up and did the whole thing.

Four hours it took them. Four hours of fighting with the snow while it blew and gusted and swirled all around them. Four hours of having it drop on their heads from the trees above. Four hours of icy wind sneaking in under their hats and down their jackets and through their mittens and gloves and boots and scarves. Four hours of cherry red cheeks and sniffly noses.

The Man and I marveled at their stamina. And their willingness to stick with it and get the whole. darn. thing. cleaned up.

They are the best.
So Mama Llama baked and cooked and got ready for the time when they were all finished and coming in from a cold, blowy morning spent outside doing very. hard. work.

I made them homemade mac and cheese for lunch. And followed it up with Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Butter Cake for dessert. And hot cocoa. Lots and lots of hot cocoa.

They were oh-so-very happy with me. Well, not so much with me as with the hot food. Can't blame them there.
I think the Man's van is happy to be free from all the snow it was buried under.

Doesn't it look like it is smiling?
Caught the wind blowing a bit of snow off the porch roof just as the sun was coming out.

So very pretty.

Now that the storm is over.

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