Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

She was a heroine today. Well, her mother thinks so anyway.

It all started with a phone call telling us yes, there will be a church service this morning. It was up in the air with all the snow piled up in the parking lot. But God and a bucket loader last night got the lot cleaned up so we could have service this morning.
There weren't very many of us there. The Man had to make lots of calls letting the congregation know we would be open for service and most people said they couldn't come. They were snowed in. Or didn't want to drive on the still snow covered roads.

Thirty five inches of snow is a lot of snow to get all at once, you know.
Both J and K are members of our worship team. J plays guitar and K is one of the vocalists. This morning it was K and two other men singing. 

Three singers. Two guitarists. One flute.

Plus about thirty people in the pews.

So the guitarists started playing a song and were having a hard time getting the singers to come in at the right moment. The singers looked at the guitarists, the guitarists looked at the singers, a few comments were made and they all started over.

Still no go. The singers couldn't figure out when to come in. In their defense, it was a tricky song for guitars to start and it was hard to find the right timing.

Pastor kind of threw his hands up and announced we would just say the words to the song.

The singers said, No, we'll start singing, the guitars can join us and everything will work out. So brave K had to start the singing since she was singing the melody. 

She was fantastic. The guys came right in, the guitars picked it up and off we all went, singing an absolutely beautiful song.
Thank you, K.


Pastor made a point to tell us that it is not about performance but about worship. 

Such a beautiful little icicle hanging from the picnic table today.

Lots and lots of tiny air bubbles trapped inside, spinning and twisting and winding around and around.


Beautiful song.

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