Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing with friends and family today.

Gorgeous winter day, a little bit of wind and a lot of sunshine. K brought her friend, E, with us. E had never been ice fishing. We assured her we were not hardcore ice fishermen. We have a camp to go into to get warm, with a barrel wood stove to provide heat. Inside the camp are plenty of chairs, and tables, and windows so we can see if any of the tips go up.

The girls practiced their ice dancing skills, doing "The Twist" on the ice. Very fun to watch. They were slipping and sliding all over. I don't think you'll see this in the Olympics.
J's friend, JL. He's been around since kindergarten. 

They fished all day yesterday, and if their stories can be trusted, caught quite a few fish. We didn't catch as many today. Just enough to keep it interesting.

Sissy and her hubby came along, with my two nieces and their happy, happy golden retriever. The girls brought their ice skates and had a whole lot of fun skating on the big wide open pond.
J and the biggest catch of the day. 

He would like me to add that this is a "J approved" photo. He usually won't pose for photos unless there are fish involved.



More pictures tomorrow. 

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