Thursday, August 20, 2015

Eye Spy

My niece D.

Her and her twin sissy are growing up too fast.
No idea what she's looking at. Looks shocking though.


I had a hair appointment today. Time to wash those grays right outta my hair. 

Who remembers that song from the commercial? Eeks, I think I'm dating myself.

My friend T put the color on my hair and decided to wax all my various facial areas while the color was percolating. She prepped the waxing chair carefully so I wouldn't get color on it and I laid back, readying myself for the torture about to start. T turned around, reaching for something, and looked back with a puzzled expression.

She started walking around, muttering to herself, looking for something. 

I heard her say a blurb about getting her husband's reading glasses from her handbag and off she went. She came back with the masculine glasses on (by the way, it's always a good thing to make sure the person applying HOT WAX to your face can see properly), went over to the counter, and started to laugh. 

Her own glasses were on the counter right where the melting wax was located. Right where she had just been looking. "Bwah-ha! I needed glasses to find my own glasses!"

We had a good laugh about the perils of aging. Then she got to work torturing me all for the sake of beauty.

Bwah-ha, indeed.

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