Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Some more pics from my MIL's big birthday bash.

It was all about the hugging. And hugging is so very good for you.

It lowers blood pressure. Something to do with Pacinian corpuscles and the vagus nerve. Two things that I have absolutely no knowledge of so I'll give you a link to read about them. Bottom line? Hug someone and your health can improve.

It relieves stress.

It helps your heart rate.

Judging by all the hugging in this family, I'd say we're a pretty healthy bunch.
This guy, the Man's younger brother, came from way, way far away to see Mom. He brought his two lovely daughters with him. We don't get to see them enough. We wanted to hug them all day long.

Looking at all the photos as I sit here and edit them, I'm overwhelmed by all the love I feel in these pictures.

And the smiles. Miles and miles of smiles. All day long. On every face.

Amazing amount of love in this family.
He wouldn't let go of those two balloons - not even when his {great} auntie was pushing him in the swing.

Made it oh-so-easy to find him throughout the day. We looked for the balloons bobbing through the crowd.
Surprise photo of the lot so far. I'm loving this photo.

Three sisters doing their thing in the kitchen. All in pretty dresses and all in colors that complement each other.

Such a lovely moment in time.

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