Friday, August 21, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Some shots from a shoot last week.

K is a great help. She keeps an eye on hair, posing, smiles, and all the other tedious little things that can ruin a good picture.

In the photo above, K was showing M how to pose her legs to get the shot we were looking for. And it came out great. M is a natural in front of the camera.

All the teens in this generation are good in front of the camera. Probably because they spend so much time taking selfies.

We were shooting against those gorgeous bricks and M was crossing the road to get there. 

Love the tone of these photos. The pink is sweet and feminine and I just love how it wrestles with the masculinity of the cowboy boots.


Reading a good book right now - "Midnight in Siberia" by David Greene. He's an American journalist for NPR and this book documents his travel across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. He writes about the Russian people he meets along the way, discussing the things that shape them and their lives. Very interesting.

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