Sunday, August 9, 2015

*must see TV

I'm obsessed with Doc Martin.

I can't stop watching this show. I've even got the Man watching it. Fabulous acting, smart and witty writing, great story lines, gorgeous scenery. It's the complete package.

A big-city surgeon develops an aversion to blood, can't practice as a surgeon anymore, and moves to a small village to become the GP.

Hilarity ensues.


I was previously obsessed with Call the Midwife. For all the same reasons - fabulous acting, smart and witty writing, great story lines. Although since it's set in the east end of London the scenery is not quite as gorgeous.

Set in a convent, lay midwives work with the nuns to manage childbirth in this poor and destitute part of the city. Getting themselves caught up in all kinds of local drama, the midwives are absolute heroines.

I love the music, too. Fifties music. Crooners. Dancing music. Makes you want to put on a fancy dress and heels, some pearls and perfume, and head out to a dance hall.


The BBC is putting out some terrific television. Even if they keep recycling the same six actors and actresses.

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