Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On Being Right

This bloom looks like fireworks to me - exploding into red trails of pretty color. It's a little bit on the spent side of the bloom, but still looks gorgeous.

Mid-August is not the best time for our yard. Patches of brown dot the landscape where the sun has scorched the grass. Most of the flowers have gone by - just a few bits of color remain, surrounded by a sea of green.

And the bees. They are all over when we're trying to eat outside, buzzing around and landing on the food. 

More heat. Glistening {not sweating, never sweating} all over.

Yup, we're  in the throes of August.
Is there anything better than corn on the cob, dripping in butter, with salt all over?

I think not.


A young man approached the desk a few mornings ago. Handing me his library card, he said "Can I ask you a question? My wife and I are having an argument."

As an aside, he didn't look old enough to be out of high school, never mind have a wife.

"Sure," I said and smiled at him. I wasn't sure I could settle their disagreement but I'll give any question a go.

"If I drop a movie into the box outside on the day it's due, it's not late, right?" he asked, looking at me rather hopefully.

"Well, if you drop it in AFTER we close, then yes, it's late. But if you get it in BEFORE we close, it's on time," I answered, not knowing which way he was going to go. Although watching his face fall, I could make an educated guess.

"Oh, man! I can't believe she was right!" he moaned. "She was right."

I looked at him and smiled, "You know that's going to be a pattern in your life, right?"

Laughing, he handed me the money he owed for the fine. 

Another satisfied customer.

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