Sunday, August 16, 2015

{Shooting} Stars

My rather unsuccessful attempt at {shooting} some shooting stars. 

There were meteor showers forecast for several nights last week, starting after midnight. 

Oy. That's when I start to turn into a pumpkin. I was resigned to missing out on them, again. I've tried to see them before but always forgot, or fell asleep, or just got lazy and didn't want to get out of bed that late at night.

But I happened to be awake at 12:05AM one night and remembered the meteor showers so I jumped out of bed before I could think twice and ran outside. Within five minutes I had seen four shooting stars. I couldn't keep it to myself.

I ran back inside and went upstairs to get K. The Man and J were sound asleep and I know how much they hate being woken up so I didn't check with them at all. But K was a trooper and came outside with me.

We saw several more over the course of the next ten minutes or so and I thought I'd try to capture some on {film}. No such luck.

But K and I had fun sitting out in the dark, looking up at the sky, and trying to see the same shooting stars. One of us would spot one but the other would miss it and vice versa. We both saw a couple large ones skate across the atmosphere and ooh'd and aah'd appropriately.

Then we started cracking jokes about all the alien attack movies we've watched and how a meteor shower would be the perfect opportunity for aliens to attack the Earth. They could zip in to the atmosphere and no one would be the wiser because the Earthlings would assume they were meteors.

Sounds fanciful and fun, doesn't it?

No. It actually started to terrify us. We managed to scare ourselves silly. I packed up the camera, lifted my nightgown and skedaddled inside so I wouldn't be left behind when the aliens showed up. K was already inside and upstairs before the back door closed behind me. I locked up, making sure to shut all the windows, and quickly got into bed.

The shooting star adventure was over and all was safe in Gotham City.

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