Friday, August 21, 2015

Plant Whisperer

J showing my dad the garden he planted this year. He's become quite the plant whisperer. His kale is picture perfect and he's been harvesting it every morning for smoothies. I love, love, love that he's such a health nut.

The Man grows traditional produce and J grows the quirkier stuff. K and I reap the benefits of both gardeners. And do none of the work.

I think J should have been a teacher. He's always using his hands to demonstrate something.

His gorgeous beet. Yum.


While J was walking the garden with his grandpa, the girls were busy eating blackberries. My nieces and K had wandered over to the back of the barn and found the blackberry bushes and started nibbling. We sent one of the twins behind the bushes to get some rather large bunches of berries. Of course she immediately got grabbed by all the briars and couldn't get out. 

Before her mother figured out what we had done, I stuck my arm through all the prickly branches to extricate my niece from the briars hanging on to her. I had to hold them back so she could escape without bloodshed. 

I'll demonstrate the outcome in two equations:

If E=1 and briars=0 and Briars=1 and Auntie=0, then Ouch for Auntie.

And blackberry stains on E. 


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