Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Barn, er Garage

I love prowling around, looking for things to take pictures of.

I was out in the barn, the Man's territory, this afternoon. He has some neat-o stuff out there.

I love baskets. I took a picture from the floor.
I took a picture from the second story.

Huh. This is what the inside looks like. Gloves and garden tools.

Since I'm not allowed out in the garden, or even near the flower beds for that matter, I've never seen the inside of these bushel baskets before.
I went upstairs and found baseballs in a wooden trunk. Lots of scars on this trunk.

This is an old trunk. I want to know each scar's story. I bet they're good ones.
Wow. Mucho berry baskets. I need to find me some strawberries to put in those baskets. I bet that would make a pretty picture, don't you?

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