Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spain Revisited

One of the things the Man and I wanted to do with our kids was show them the world. We decided many years ago that we would take them to Europe before they left home.

A year ago, we did that. We went on a two week Mediterranean cruise and visited seven countries. It was fabulous. I'm going to relive the cruise this year through some photos of what we did each day.
We left Lisbon, Portugal and our first port was in Cadiz, Spain. We opted to visit the countryside and traveled up to a small city called Vejer de la Frontera.

It was absolutely the whitest city I have ever seen. Everything was white.
We toured the city and had some free time to explore a bit. The Man was looking out into the valley we had traveled through to get up the mountain to the white city. He was looking at the windmills that lined the valley. Spain had lots of these.
I found a Spanish man doing man's work. See, there are honey-do lists all over the world.
The sky was so blue and gorgeous against the white buildings, though gray in the case of this church. Vejer de la Frontera is the oldest inhabited city in Europe, according to our tour guide Tony from Holland.
We left that city and headed to the small town of Conil, a typical fishing village in the province of Andalusia. The ocean was a beautiful green blue and the whole coast was a picture postcard. We were able to see the coast of Africa since it was only nine miles away. We got to do a little shopping with a friend we met on board, S. from Canada.
I found a book store. Had to take a picture.

Very cool for me to see this.

From my journal I kept during the trip:

"12:53 p.m. - passed through the straits of Gibralter. Africa to the right, Spain to the left. Morocco was very lit up! Africa was so close it looked like you could swim over to it. Spain was also very close. Not much distance between the two continents. Kind of cool seeing two continents at once. Couldn't see the Rock of Gibralter - very dark."

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