Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee House and Government Spending

J. and K. played at a coffee house tonight at a local university. It was a kick off for spring weekend and sponsored by Intervarsity, a Christian student-led ministry working on college campuses. The coffeehouse was offered as an alternative to the other party options one finds on college campuses during Spring weekends. You know what I mean.
Jordan's girlfriend, P., came with us. We needed someone younger in the group. Both sissies came, my niece and the Man were there, and me. The parents of two other band members were there as well. That made nine of us.
There were 15 people in the audience. It's a good thing we decided to go listen to them play.

We thought about not going. Lots of phone calls between parents trying to decide whether we belonged at this event or not. We didn't want to feel out of place on a college campus, surrounded by youngsters, trying to look hip. It could have gone badly. We could have humiliated our children. That's fun too.
They had three other friends with them. Most of them are part of the worship team at our church.
What a hoot it was. The keyboard kept giving off random little "explosions" every now and then and A., the keyboardist, never knew when it was going to happen.

Her music stand wasn't the sturdiest of things and her music kept flitting all over the place, falling on the keys, the floor, the amps, just about anywhere but in front of her. She was a professional and just kept smiling and playing.

Of course, her music was flying about because we had to open the windows and it was a bit breezy. We opened the windows because the blasted HEAT was on and blowing wildly out of the blowers. It was near 70 degrees today.

These are our tax dollars hard at work, heating state buildings at the end of April during 70 degree days. I'm writing to the governor. I just found some waste in the state budget. See? That wasn't so hard, Governor. I can save us thousands of dollars in one fell swoop. TURN THE HEAT OFF WHEN IT'S 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE.
But I digress. I'll get off my soapbox now and get back to our main programming.

The band finished their set in 30 minutes. They were supposed to play for 45 minutes. That means they had to find "filler" songs. Songs they're not too comfortable with. Songs they make mistakes on.

K. missed the spot she was supposed to start singing. See the smiles above.
She started singing and then abruptly stopped when her brother said loudly, "Not now!" Then the smiles turned into giggles.

The audience had a good time. I saw several students bopping along to the music, toes tapping and drumming hands on the table tops. They liked the music. All six of them. Well, maybe ten by the end of their set. A few students came in late. I think they came to hear the next act though.
Can't resist shooting some bokeh. Time for bed. Good night.

And it was. A good night.

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