Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Am I?

So I used to be a black haired Irish girl with some token French thrown in. Two hours and millions of dollars later and I'm now a semi-redhead with some golden highlights. Ack! Who am I?

I can't show you any pictures yet. I don't want to take any.

I'm still in shock.

My hair colorist looked like a mad scientist as she wildly mixed up hair color and highlight color and some sort of temporary (ha!) wash to put the red in. She had a gleam in her eye and a fixed expression on her face as she attacked my hair.

She was on a mission and that mission was to change me. Ack.

She told me it looked great. She told me that several times. I think she kept saying it so I would stop looking at myself like a deer in headlights. She wanted me to get up from the chair and go home.

But how would they know me? I'm not me anymore. Ack.


  1. Uh-oh. But personally, I love red hair. I was a redhead for a while, years ago. There are many Irish girls with red hair. You have the coloring for it.
    I'm trying to make you feel better - is it working???

  2. Sort of. It's not as shocking this morning. My husband said it's a subtle red. So I don't have RED hair, just red tones in the cold light of day. I've just had the same color for so many years that when I saw it last night at the salon, I freaked a little bit.

  3. I felt EXACTLY the same way when I went from brown w/highlights to red. Took a few days to get used to it...but now I will never go back!
    I am sure it looks lovely!!!
    Hopefully (if I don't have to teach a class on Thursday night), I will see it in person at the knitting group!

  4. Oh, I hope you can come Thursday. I'm getting used to it. A co-worker saw me today and said it's not too much. Evidently, I'm a bit dramatic.