Friday, April 2, 2010

Tissue Paper Rose Ball Grand Finale (!)

Here's the finished tissue paper rose balls. In case you missed the post that had the link, here it is again. These are soooo pretty and add just the right splop of color on my mantel.

Splop : a combination of splatter and plop.

Look it up in the urban dictionary, folks, it's a real word.
I could have shot pictures of these balls all day long in the early morning light. The colors came out perfectly real.

But I have to move along. I've only crossed off one thing on the to-do list before my company arrives on Saturday.

I still have to buy the ham, for Pete's sake. And the carrots. I have no business making all these rose balls.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early when I get up, I'm going to the grocery store and getting my Easter meal.

Just as soon as I make the ruffleliere. I have my priorities straight.


  1. Cheryl....those are GORGEOUS!!! Your mantel is very lucky...

  2. Why, thank you, Annie! I love these rose balls. And very easy to make once you get rolling along.

  3. I don't know why it posted twice...oops! But I really loved them, times two!