Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doorstep Surprises

Look what I found on my doorstep yesterday. My new camera bag.

Oh my. I love this bag.

I wanted a bag that didn't shout "tourist" when I'm walking around NYC being a tourist. This bag definitely does not look like a camera bag. But inside, that's another story. It's all about the camera. Lots of padded compartments and places for all kinds of things. I can fit four lenses, a flash, my camera, my lens cleaning stuff, and I still have tons of room left over for handbag stuff too.

It really is the cat's meow. But don't tell J., the dog, I said that. He's ignoring me already. He doesn't need more ammunition to be affronted. See him in those pictures? He won't even look at me. He knows when I'm taking pictures and purposely turns his head. I think the kids have been talking to him.
And that lining. That gorgeous lining. It reminds me of fabric Anthropologie would use in their nifty bags. I'm trying to figure out how to walk around with the lining showing but then my stuff falls out.

Rats. That's self-defeating.

I guess it will have to be my little secret. And now yours. So if you see me walking around with my bag, you'll know what the lining looks like.


  1. that camera bag! Is it a Jo Tote?
    I bought one of those for Lyndsay for her birthday.She loves it and uses it for everyday, as well as for her camera bag. I love the lining too :)

  2. PS..what do u use to clean your lens?

  3. It's an ONA bag, whatever that means. I have a blower and a few cloths that I got from my photography class. Anything beyond that goes in for a professional cleaning!

  4. Have a Happy Birthday!!

  5. Thank you, ladies! It was a perfect birthday gift.