Monday, November 26, 2012

Gingerbread Day, part two

Nothing like getting some frosting squirted into your mouth.

E loves this. She also likes having whipped cream squirted in her mouth too. But don't tell Sissy. What happens at Auntie's, stays at Auntie's.
D was a trooper doing some dishes. 
The back of K's house. 

Love the heart made from candy canes.
We've been doing this for a very. long. time.

Every year I think I'm going to pull out past photos and compare the houses we used to make at the very beginning with those we make now.

I haven't done it yet. I don't think they've changed much.
Snuggle time with K.
Sweet E giving K a big hug.
After finishing the gingerbread houses, I told the Man, J, and K that I wanted to take the Christmas photos for our cards.

No grumbling. No fussing. No whining.

I think I finally have them used to being in front of the camera. Even the Man.

They still get goofy, trying to make each other laugh. But it's all in good fun and I usually get some great photos out of all the silliness.


I love watching them laugh together. I'm so glad they are close. Siblings are important. They are your lifelong best friends, the ones who cheer for you, defend you, go to battle for you, and won't let anybody talk smack about you. They love you, support you, make you laugh, and lift you up.

Yup, siblings are important.
The Man made this last year for me. It's a great decoration and an even better photo prop.

Thanks, Man.

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