Friday, November 23, 2012

We Give Thanks

I can't remember a Thanksgiving I've enjoyed more than the one we celebrated today.

There was nothing special about it. 

The food was the same we've always had. There were no guests this year. Nothing at all remarkable about it.

Yet there was something, something, that made it oh-so-sweet.  Because it was just the five of us giving thanks for abundant blessings and celebrating all that we have been given.
The Man and I got up early to stuff the turkey and get it in the oven. J was up fairly early so I made him a quite delicious breakfast, if I may say so myself.

(I whipped up a quick batch of eggs for french toast, cut a thick slice of store bought blueberry quick bread, dipped it in the egg mixture and cooked it in a frying pan, turning once. He was full of smiles when I queried him about the taste so I cooked a slice for myself. Would I make it again? Yes. Yes I would.)

Once J had eaten, he was very happy to help prepare the meal. The Man abdicated the job of making the oyster stuffing to J this year. That means both our children can now make their great-grandmothers' stuffings. In the case of Nan's stuffing recipe, it goes back even further since she got it from her grandmother.
Since K and I had prepared quite a bit yesterday, we spent most of this morning talking and laughing while we switched dishes in and out of the oven.

Everyone pitched in. No one did too much. No one did too little. And no one grumbled. Not one grumble.

The table was set, the serving pieces pulled out, the food warmed up and it was all done amidst a tone of joyfulness and thankfulness. 
I had to sample the stuffing while we were waiting for the bird to settle.

Once I dug in for a taste, three other forks lined up, ready for their sample. We all declared it to be quite tasty and had a hard time restraining ourselves from eating more. Instead we nibbled on olives while we waited for the bird to settle.

We poured the wine, opened the jellied cranberry, scooped the fresh cranberry relish into a bowl, sliced the pumpkin bread, and we waited for the bird to settle.

Everyone helped and everyone smiled. It really was quite remarkable.

Finally, the bird settled and the Man was able to carve. We had fun sneaking pieces of turkey and even got Mom in on the game when she peeked in the kitchen to check on the progress.
I don't know why we had such a peaceful day. Amidst all the turmoil and grittiness that life can bring, today was a refreshing and welcome respite. A time to remember all those things that make us thankful - good health, good family, a warm home filled with an abundance of food, and friends. 

I think every day should be a day we give thanks.


After the obligatory after-Thanksgiving dinner naps, we roused ourselves to play a couple games. J achieved world domination in Risk and K took us all to the cleaners in Monopoly. Always with the joking and always with the laughter.

It really is a wonderful life.

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