Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Favorite Things

K and my niece, MR, trying on the cutest cloches. Other Sissy and I couldn't convince the girls to buy them. K said she didn't want "hat head" hair while wearing it.


K and I met Other Sissy and MR at an outlet mall about halfway between us. We hadn't seen them for a while so it was nice to get together. And shop. And eat.

All in all, a perfectly wonderful day. 

Except the shopping line at the Gap. The line started at the front door, wrapped all the way to the back of the store, along the back wall, and then up to the front registers. Took us forty minutes to get to the registers. I stood in line, waiting, while the others shopped. They kept coming back with stuff to add to the pile. 

Everyone was doing it. And we all kept hitting the person in front of us or behind us. We laughed about it because we kept apologizing to each other. It helps to stand in line with the nicest strangers.
The Man and I were off to see our favorite football team play today. 

It was a near perfect day - the weather, the seats, the score, the food. There were tributes to all the military personnel serving our country and tributes to all the veterans who had served in the past.

We had a flyover.

A giant flag.

And small gifts. "Offense" and "Defense" flags to unroll and wave. Super fun. I felt like a five year old getting a free toy.
Can you tell that Mr. Brady is a favorite among the fans?

As well as the "Big Three" - Brady, Gronk, and Welker. I love the way their jerseys line up in the red, white, and blue order - nice and tidy in a diagonal line, too.


The end of the game was beyond exciting. Less than a minute to go, the Patriots were in the lead by six points and the Bills had the ball very close to the Patriots end zone. We were all standing and watching as the Bills attempted to score a touchdown to win the game. The quarterback dropped back for a pass. The first throw was incomplete.


The second throw? The quarterback drops back, looks around quickly and fires the ball toward the end zone.


Much screaming and jumping up and down. The Man and I were grinning from ear to ear. He looked toward the field. I looked at the guy next to me. He's grinning, cigar hanging out of his mouth. He holds his hand up for a high five and we're all laughing. It was great fun. The excitement, the laughter, the relief.

Many more games like that and we're all going to have heart failure.

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