Friday, November 23, 2012


Day after Thanksgiving = decorate-the-house-for-Christmas day.

I've learned over the years that if I don't decorate the day after Thanksgiving, it won't get done until the last minute. And since it's a lot of work to decorate the house, it should be displayed for quite a while, don't you think?

I do.


Pretty simple tree this year. Old glass balls that I've picked up from all over - family, friends, tag sales, flea markets. Chocolate ball ornaments and chocolate Santa ornaments.

And a dozen or so chocolate ornaments from Switzerland, thanks to my dear friend B.

No chocolate advent calendars for J and K this year. They're going to use the tree as a giant advent calendar.

Keeping it simple.


Had an absolutely fantastic lunch with a bunch of friends today. Four girlfriends, three husbands, and about a thousand laughs.

M and the Hammer hosted a mini-reunion of sorts for several people who are in town for our high school reunion. Our friend B and her husband are up from the way South and while the six of us were eating lunch, our Swiss miss girlfriend B called and we made her come over and join us. 

Peer pressure. Still alive and working.

Honestly, I can't remember an afternoon I've enjoyed so much. The four of us girls pulled out yearbooks and old photos and had a blast walking down memory lane. Then we pulled up recent pictures of our classmates and compared them to senior high pictures.

We were kids.

Our husbands were entertained just listening to us ramble on and on, stopping to giggle and laugh every minute or so. When they got tired of us, they went outside to man-land and grilled stuff.

Thanks, M and M. We had a wonderful day.

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