Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gingerbreads and Second Thanksgiving

It's late.

I'm tired.

I can barely put up a few photos from today's gingerbread house session with Sissy and the girls.


Today was a day for the memory book. K and the girls put the houses together with very little help from Sissy or I. We had to help squeeze the frosting bag a few times just to give K's muscles a bit of a break. But for the most part, the next generation put the houses together and then decorated them.

This was very good news for Sissy and I. That left us free to take lots and lots of photos. Which is what we really want to do.
Peeps are definitely a fan favorite. Cute shapes. Great taste. They got it all going on.

Peeps rule.
J stopped by for a sneak candy attack. We talked him into helping decorate K's house. He put one M&M on and called it a day.

He's such a good sport.

We spent a quiet afternoon playing Risk with the girls. Then Sissy and her hubby came over for second Thanksgiving. I cooked another turkey. Now we have lots of leftovers.

Leftovers rule.


More tomorrow. Time for bed.

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