Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Days with Old Friends

A truly glorious day at the beach.  M and B and I walked along the edge of the water, collecting great big seashells to take home and add to our collections. It was a perfect beach to walk on - a great big swooping bend so we could see the shoreline for miles ahead of us, some people and a few dogs on the beach, firm sand to walk on. A lovely spot.

The last time I was at this beach there was a convent on the shore. 

Not anymore.

It's been torn down to make room for 11 building lots. 

How sad that must be for the nuns in that convent. Losing their home. I'm sure that beach was a place of peaceful tranquillity and quiet contemplation for them.
 We stopped for breakfast at a local joint and had very. good. food.

I ordered fruit crepes. They were served with a bowl of whipped cream.

The waitress - a chatty, friendly sort - brought the bowl of whipped cream and put it down in front of me before serving the crepes.

Looking at  the bowl, I started to giggle.

Whipped cream. The breakfast of champions.


After breakfast, we shopped for a little bit. B wanted to get some specific items that she has a hard time getting back home. Either they don't import them, or they are very expensive.

We filled the car with bags. Unbelievable.
 We stopped at a small fish market to get some fresh haddock, lobster meat, and some rolls.

The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting, catching up with one another and hearing about each other's lives. 

We cooked dinner together, sipping on wine, and eating cheese and white chocolate popcorn.

Ah, white chocolate popcorn. Nectar from heaven.

{White Chocolate Popcorn : Make a bowl of popcorn. No butter, a little salt. Melt one cup of white chocolate chips and pour over the popcorn. Mix gently to evenly coat the pieces and spread on a cookie sheet. When the chocolate has  solidified, EAT!}
Now we're watching a rather slow, painful movie about a young couple with relationship issues. He's American, she's British, she violates her student visa, and they can't quite seem to get their act together.

Oy vey.

I'm thankful for my knitting.

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