Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Miss S.

Little Miss S.

What a cutie-pop.

Her momma and I got together this morning to shoot together and talk photography. Poor momma didn't get to do much shooting. Little Miss S had other plans.

Plans that included running away from her momma, trying to climb great big steps that her little legs just couldn't quite master, eating all kinds of things that had her momma and I saying, "Blech!"


I forget what it's like watching a little one. 
Things I {re}learned from Miss S:

Toddlers are fast. Way fast. My shutter speed is going to have to be much faster to keep up with all that motion.

Toddlers are curious. They want to look at everything and will do whatever it takes to get to the object of their desire.

Toddlers are fearless. They really think they can climb steps that come up to their waist, or walk off the edge of a precipice and land on their feet.

It's a good thing her momma is as fast as she is. I think her momma saved her life about a dozen times today. And that was in just one hour.
A stranger appeared as we were shooting. 

Little Miss S was not very sure of him. She kept a good eye on him, making sure he moved along and away from us.
I wonder what she's thinking.
Happy girl. Happy day.

Thanks, Little Miss S and momma. I had a blast hanging out with a toddler again.

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  1. I like the little teeth showing in the last photo.