Friday, November 30, 2012

Sisters of My Heart

I love the group of women I work with. I spend a lot of time with them. It's a good thing we all like each other.

We have seen each other through births and deaths, weddings and break-ups, joyous occasions and tearful ones. We have lost favorite patrons and we have lost beloved pets. We have ooh'd and aah'd over baby pictures and laughed at the things that make our husbands differ from us. We have counted calories and pennies and we have shared many good books. We have raised our children together and now we are watching some of those children raise their own children. We have a lot of history, these women and I.

We're like a family. Sometimes we squabble, sometimes we laugh and tease each other, sometimes we just listen.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.
When I need advice about something, I go to these women. Whatever I'm dealing with, I can almost guarantee they've already gone through it. They give good counsel and I'm very thankful for their guidance and opinions.

Sometimes they don't tell me what I want to hear. They tell me the truth.

I value their honesty.
As I've gotten older, I have come to value the friendships I have much more deeply. Because people come and go in life. People you think will always be around sometimes aren't. 

And I don't want any regrets over things I should have said and never did.
Some of these women are like mothers to me, others are like sisters - but they are all friends. I treasure each of them and I'm afraid I don't let them know often enough how much I enjoy their company and how much they mean to me.

So this post is for you, dear ones. 

Thank you for the years of laughs, and tears, and advice. Thank you for always listening and for speaking the truth. Thank you for your kind and gentle support and thank you for the many lunches we have shared.

Most of all, thank you for your friendship.

Love you. Mean it.


Some shots of K tonight. She was working very hard on calculus homework and I went over to speak with her. She spontaneously picked up her calculator and made a joyous face. 

She loves calculators.

While I was sitting there with my camera, I took a few shots of her. Just trying to capture a moment in time.


  1. Thanks, for my part. (but you make me wonder what's been goin' on there while I've been away) :O

  2. @Lisa - nothing in particular! Just wanted to take the chance to say this to you guys!
    @ Gail - =)