Monday, May 3, 2010

Adventures in NYC

Some pics of my day in NYC with the Knitwits. Although I'd seen the Statue of Liberty before, I still got goosebumps when I saw it up close.
It was kind of neat the way we all just stopped and stared as soon as she came into view. It got very quiet, then you could start to hear the cameras whirring away as people snapped their pics.
As I've mentioned before, these are some seriously funny women. My cheeks hurt from laughing after spending any amount of time with them.
We walked up to ground zero, at the site of the World Trade Center. We wandered through the church across the street and saw the memorials to the victims and tributes to the volunteers that helped.
We walked a bit more, looking for a subway, and I found Park Place! I love buying Park Place when we play Monopoly. That's the high rent district and now I know why. I made everyone stop and look at the Park Place sign and admit that they, too, always bought Park Place when playing Monopoly.

They didn't seem quite as enthused by the sign as I was. I'm such a tourist.
Another tourist moment. Gawking at the skyscrapers. I can't help it. They're SO tall. I mean, really, they look like they reach up to the sky. I feel a little like Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk looking up into the clouds.

I'm sure there's a giant at the top of this building. And he's got gold up there.
I like this pic so much. I love capturing movement in a pic while other things remain stationary. And I love that you can see the flag on the side of the subway.

While we were on the subway, a voice came out of nowhere and started singing "Ave Maria". It was so crowded, I couldn't see who was singing. At first I thought it was being piped into the cars, but S. could see the girl singing. She kept trying to point her out to me, but people were in the way. I shifted and bent and leaned and the crowd parted and I could finally see the songstress. Her voice was magnificent as she worked her way through the crowd, hat in hand, trying to make a buck or two.

What a treat.

A moment of beauty on a hot, crowded subway.

We got up to 42nd street and ran into a peace march. I really want to know why the woman in the second picture is wearing an air mask. Is there still an H1N1 virus scare in NYC? Or did I miss something on the news and was inhaling toxins all day? Ack.

I love NYC. You NEVER know what you're going to come across.

Oh yeah, there was a car bomb found in Times Square the morning we were there.

It was cleared up by the time we went through. Whew.

I started with this lovely lady and I'll end with her.

May God bless the U.S.A.


  1. Fantastic not-so-touristy pictures I think..def a different view of NYC. I love NYC too. It's so ALIVE.

  2. YES! That's what I like about the city. But it's definitely nice to come home to our quiet corner.