Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mamma Mia

I had to find some old photos of all the moms in our lives for a photo montage we watched at church on Sunday morning. I'd like to tell you it was a trip down memory lane, seeing all the women in our lives.

But it wasn't. It was rather pitiful.

We don't have many pictures of the women in our families. They were all behind the lens, snapping happy scenes of everyone else.

I had to dig really deep to come up with my parent's wedding photograph and one of my parents with my middle sissy and I at Easter when I was about four years old. I found one of my Nan, one of her sister - my great aunt Grace, and a couple of the Man's mom.

She is very glamorous looking. I always wondered where my children get their cuteness from. It's from her.

And I think my Nan is lifting a glass of beer in salute to the camera. Maybe I shouldn't have sent in that photo. I prefer to think she's toasting with ginger ale.While I'd much rather be behind the lens, I'm going to make sure I'm in more photos.
All of me, not just parts of me.

I can't have my kids scrounging around for pictures of me twenty years from now and coming up with this.
Ack. I look like a refugee from a convent.

That picture was taken about ten years ago, people. I've changed, I tell you, I've changed.
So...the moral of the story, kiddies, is to make sure Mom gets in the pictures, too.

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