Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Wednesday #3

Oh me, oh my, what a wonderful day of thrifting today. I came home with LOTS of good stuff. Look at the loot I found.

A bunch of green glass vases.

A Swiss chalet music box - made in Switzerland - with a Swiss movement in it. That set me back $5.00. My aunt had one of these when I was a little girl and she only let me play with it once or twice. I loved that music box. I am so excited to have one of my very own.

I feel five years old.

I think we need to institute show and tell at work. I have stuff to show.

Back to my loot, I found another pair of wooden shoes. Sissy is getting a little grumpy about all the wooden shoes I own now. It's not my fault I'm a faster picker upper than she is. Wooden shoes draw me like magnets. I see 'em, I grab 'em.

I'll probably have to share one with her.

See that Rachel Ray cookbook? Mine for $2.99. That was one of the pricier things I bought.
I heart any books from the fifties and sixties. The illustrations are way cool.
This house reminds me of the Brady Bunch house. I wanted to live in that house. They had the best staircase and fireplace.
I really love the way the people are all dressed up to go out to a dinner party. When's the last time a man wore a white jacket to go out to a dinner party?

I think I'll have a dinner party this summer and make white coats mandatory. And the women will have to wear pillbox hats with their summer suits.
Inside the Toll House cookbook? I think it's the original recipe for Toll House Chocolate Chip
cookies, only they called them Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies.

Gotta try those soon.
But the best thing today? The French print, "Les Quais".

I really love the colors in this print. It's a happy picture. And the lady is looking at books! This had to come home with me.
As soon as I got home, I found some pretty purple johnny jump-ups to put in one of my glass vases.

Love. It.

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