Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost Little Bird

This is how my day started - looking at my friend Miz PG's hammock.

It looked so inviting I wanted to climb up into it and fall asleep. If Miz PG hadn't come out of the house, I might have done just that. But Miz PG and I walk every weekday morning and we had places to go.

[I call her Miz PG because she's a G.R.I.T.S. - Girl Raised In The South.]

We started doing this a couple of weeks ago. We are not happy walkers. We're kind of whiny about it. Neither of us likes to get up in the morning. Actually, we hate it. It's much better to sleep in.

But that's the only time we can walk together so we get up with the birds and off we go - to the cemetery. It's a quiet place to walk, there's no traffic, and it's great incentive to keep us walking. Our goal is to not NEED the cemetery for a good long while.

Plus, there's a greasy spoon diner across the street and we can smell the bacon and fat all the way into the cemetery. Some day we're going to go there after our walk and get bacon and eggs. I think there's something wrong with that, but I'll try to live with the guilt.
When I got to work, there was a baby bird huddling under the bench outside the front door of the library. I told the director I was taking her picture for my blog about "A Day in the Life of a Librarian".
This poor little bit was cowering under the bench, hunched up as close to the building as he could get.

Since we have a neighborhood cat that comes in to visit us, we were all a little nervous about what the cat would do if it found the bird.

Actually, we know what the cat would do if it found this baby. So we had to try and move it out of harm's way. Hence, the box. But that didn't seem like a great idea. We really wanted mama bird to come and get her baby so we decided to get him to scoot out of plain sight.
As we got closer to him, he started to hop away, flapping his wings as best as he could. He wasn't a very productive wing flapper since he couldn't fly at all. But, bless his heart, he tried.

We finally got him tucked into a corner of the building, behind a column. Hopefully the cat didn't find him. I forgot to check when we left for the day.

And people think librarians have boring jobs. Ha.

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