Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lupine Love


These flowers make my heart sing.

The Man's sister gave us the first lupine we ever had. We were visiting her in Pennsylvania and had stopped in a garden shop. She bought one for herself and one for me. The blooms were a deep shade of purple and they were prolific. It bloomed the very next year after we planted it.

It blooms in May so it was blooming when I brought J. home from the hospital as a newborn. I remember going out in the yard to look at it, a lot, because I couldn't drive for a while.

C-section, need I say more?

I found a book about lupines, Miss Rumphius, and bought it to read to J.

After he got a bit older. Seven day old babies don't have a long attention span.
Year after year, every spring, this plant bloomed abundantly.

I would look at it and remember our visit to Pennsylvania, and my lovely sister-in-law and the garden shop and getting lupines together.

I would look at it and remember the day I brought my firstborn home from the hospital.

And I would look at it and remember sitting on my grass, playing with J., while the plant bloomed behind him.

I loved this plant.

And then one day, I looked out and it was gone.
I asked the Man, what happened to my lupine?

It was in the way, he said, so I mowed over it.


I couldn't believe he mowed over the lupine. I was in shock, I think. And then a bit angry.

There was some yelling involved.

But we never got another lupine.

Then we moved. And I felt like having lupines again. So last Mother's Day, the kids bought me two lupines.

I'm in love again.

And I'm thinking about hiding the keys to the mower.

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