Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Peasy Craft Day

Sissy and I have lots of craft projects sitting in the wings, patiently waiting for us to pay them a little attention. 

You know, finish them.

We have collected odd pieces of furniture, hoping that we'll learn how to reupholster at some point. 

We have several folding chairs, just waiting for us to sew some cushioned seats and make cushioned backs for them....

Once upon at time, we made one.

And then decided it was too hard the way we did it.

So we have to revamp our technique and try, try again. That was about a year and a half ago.

The end.


So today we decided to pick two easy crafts, go get the supplies, and make them.

I chose the clay balls above. You can find the directions over at The Crafty CPA here.

This was a very easy craft and came out oh-so-cute. 

I can't wait to make more.


I'll show you the craft Sissy chose for us to do in another post. 

It was quick and fun and very colorful. A perfect summer craft.


  1. WOW. these turned out just great and I love your bowl! Thanks for making my project and linking to my blog. Check out my flickr group if you are inclined to share!

    megan, the crafty cpa

  2. I am so *not* a crafty person (other than scrapbooking) but I am very tempted with those "love balls" hahahha......

  3. Summer crafts! We have to pick a weekend to get together. Let me know what dates might work for the CT crew. Our place or yours - we'll work on the details.